i just remembered i gave my parents my blog url last weekend. i hope they really enjoyed that vibrator organizer post earlier today.

love you mom and babby! 

Race Between the Hummingbird and the Crane

A very long time ago the hummingbird was a large bird.

He was one day sitting on a tree near a pond. The crane came there to catch fish. The hummingbird looked at him a while and said, “You are a very lazy bird and you can not fly fast. As for me I can beat all the birds in flying.” 

The crane, spoken to in this manner, became very angry and said, “I will bet that I can beat you flying to the end of the world and back.” The hummingbird took up the bet. The bargain was that the one that won the bet should do what he pleased to the other. 

They both now began to fly. The hummingbird was like and arrow shot from a bow and he soon left the crane far behind. They were to fly to a place in the north which was the end of the world. 

They flew all that day. Night came on and the hummingbird went to sleep in a cedar tree. But the day and the night was all the same to the crane, and by day break he got near the cedar tree in which the hummingbird was sleeping. The hummingbird waked up and again flew far ahead of the crane. 

The two birds in this way flew several days. The hummingbird flew only in the daytime, and the crane flew both in the day and in the nighttime. 

In the morning of the sixth day, a little after sunrise, the crane got to the end of the world. Here he waited for the hummingbird. But it was nearly midday before he came. Both now ate their dinners, rested and slept. 

The next morning they started back. They flew back in the same way. The hummingbird flew only in the daytime and the crane flew both day and night. 

And the crane got back to the pond before the hummingbird and so won the bet. 

The crane now took the hummingbird, and with a sharp flint he cut him down into a very small bird not much larger than a butterfly. 

It was in this way that the hummingbird became the smallest bird, as the saying is. 

- Unknown (Halbert) c. 1900 (Choctaw Tales, Tom Mould) 

Anonymous asked: trans women are women just as much as you and I are women. you're allowed to be wary of men of course; you're not allowed to equate trans women to men because it's FALSE and the opposite of feminism. women should be trying to protect each other, not police "real womanhood" vs "men who are trying to be women" (yuck, sounds like a conservative). who gave you the right to do so anyway?


Except that they’re male, have male socialization and the same rates of violence as men

i can’t even handle this ignorance. you claim trans women commit violence at the same rates as cis men with absolutely no statistics to back that statement up. probably because the actual statistics show that your statement is shit. transgender identified survivors and victims of violence represented 10.5% of total victims while being only about 0.5% of the total U.S. population (X). 

trans women are women. FULL STOP. they are not socialized in the same way cis boys are. also, even if they did benefit from identifying as male for some portion of their lives, you (as a self-identified feminist) should know that any privilege gained during that time would be destroyed as soon as they began to identify as a woman. you cannot advocate for an abolition of a gender hierarchy and ignore the fact that someone who is “expected” to be a man while identifying as a woman would also experience the same (if not more) violence against their person than a cis woman. 

your exclusionary “feminism” is worthless and does nothing to undo the hierarchical system of oppression we are currently under unless it includes all people who identify as women. 


also remember to wash your make up brushes, cuties. if you find yourself getting random break outs and bumps under your skin that’s sometimes to blame okay i love you honey bunnies.



Sex tip from Martha Stewart: Store your frequent flyers in a spice rack so you don’t have to dig through your drawers #itsagoodthing




Sex tip from Martha Stewart: Store your frequent flyers in a spice rack so you don’t have to dig through your drawers #itsagoodthing



and then they didnt put her on the final list


and then they didnt put her on the final list

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Anonymous asked: Is Hari Kondabolu the best or what?



Hari Kondabolu is the best.










Racebent/American version of My Mad Fat Diary

Gabourey Sidibe as Rachel

Octavia Spencer as Rachels mom

Andre Braugher as Kester

Amandla Stenberg as Tix

Naya Rivera as Chloe

Sinqua Walls as Finn

Evan Ross as Archie

Ellen Wong as Izzy

Tyler Posey as Chop

The thing I like most about racebending is that certain themes and messages change when certain characters races are changed. I think in MMFD there is a narrative about self care, self esteem, self actualization, and self acceptance that you don’t see with black women in media.

We don’t tell black girls that it’s ok to be hurt sometimes. We don’t help heal the ones who hurt. We just tell them to get over it. 

MTV needs to make this happen. 

AYYYYEEE I could be so behind this. MMFD having an all white cast was one of the ways it fails as a show. So if MTV were to cast some POC for the main characters especially the female lead, now THAT would be really interesting. That has potential to be really awesome!

I am totally into this! Even though it would never happen!


100% the only way i would ever get behind the idea of an americanized version.




”..The God Graveyard, old gods that have been worshiped throughout our history but are no longer prayed to, how many more will be thrown into the wind?…”

That’s really creative and ingenious 

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"He wasn’t allowed to electrocute himself."Submitted By:  EmilyLocation: Pennsylvania, United States


"He wasn’t allowed to electrocute himself."
Submitted By:  Emily
Location: Pennsylvania, United States

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Who needs traffic lights? Not the drivers in Ethiopia - Video

This made me so uncomfortable.


Oh look it’s Abuja in a nutshell.

aside from very few intersections this how it works in haiti. most of the roads ain’t paved either (though they’ve been working on that consistently)

how do people cross the street without dying

I’d just wouldn’t cross the street I’d have to plan out my entire life on one side of the street

Love is dead.


Russell Wilson and his wife, Ashton, are reportedly getting a divorce.


Russ was noticeably Ashton-less at his most recent trip to Children’s. 

There is no hope for any of us.